Milan Hosta, PhD

​"Working internationally in academia, private business, and NGO provides me with valuable insights and understanding of workplace dynamics and balance in personal life and parenting. I have first and second-hand experience in organizational development, change management, cause marketing, human resource development, training of trainers, lobbying, and formal and informal leadership. I have worked in highly rewarding set-ups, been through business failure, and was also in a position to hire and fire people."​

  • Dr. Hosta is an internationally recognized expert in philosophy and pedagogy of sport,  with emphasis on health and social inclusion and with a recent career shift into the coaching profession.

  • Upon 20 years providing educational, health and wellness services, workshops, managing CSR initiatives and projects, leadership and start-up innovation, he took the decision to narrow his focus to coaching and consultancy support, where his knowledge, interests, and purpose overlap to the largest degree.

  • Dr. Hosta is a member of the Slovenian Coaching Association offering support to high-performing individuals, elite athletes, companies, and clients with various personal challenges or health issues.

  • He is also a professional member of the Galileo Commission that is exploring and expanding the frontiers of science, medicine, and spirituality. 

  • He served as a vice-president at Slovene Children and Youth Sports Association and was a member of the Slovene Olympic Academy. 

  • He was a member of UNICEF international working group on Safeguarding for Children in Sport. He is a member of the scientific committee of EU Think tank Sport & Citizenship and in the expert working group on sportsmanship at the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport of the Republic of Slovenia.

  • Dr. Hosta has consulted via EU and private funded initiatives over 1000 kindergartens, schools, and NGOs in Germany, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Slovenia, France, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Croatia. He also works with Familylab Slovenia. 

  • He was a program director at a sports innovation company and a founder of a sports start-up company. He spent 2 years leading a post-conflict social inclusion project in SE Turkey.

  • He was 8 years with the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Sport and 2 years with the Applied Kinesiology Dept. University of Primorska, and a guest lecturer at University of Zagreb Faculty of Kinesiology. He received additional trainings at the University of Copenhagen (Denmark), the University of Oslo (Norway), the Institute for Cultural Diplomacy in Berlin (Germany), and the International Olympic Academy in Athens (Greece).  He was an invited national delegate at the Global Forum for Physical Education Pedagogy in Iowa (USA); invited speaker at 100th anniversary of British Olympism in London (UK), and a keynote at conferences in Ankara (Turkey), Kiew (Ukraine), and in Slovenia.

  • He also worked with Nick Vujičić on Stand Strong Campaign, initiated an ongoing national CSR campaign for funding young talents with Triglav Insurance in 2013, and led several humanitarian and charity actions.

  • Dr. Hosta has been a key expert in developing the FlowCode and is now also mentoring FlowCoach education globally. 

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