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Mr. Hosta has shown great skills in workshops moderation and transfer of knowledge to our staff, including the board of management. We have enjoyed team coaching and expert support via various channels, and we recommend dr. Hosta and his team to anyone who is looking for high-end expert coaching, resilience and flow optimization in the corporate world.

Gašpar Ogris-Martič, CEO

Sberbank Slovenia

Milan and I met at the leadership conference in Sofia. Milan had very powerful presentation there. Have been participating in dozens and dozens of different management and leadership speeches and presentations, I have to admit that Milan's performance was clear refreshment.

He is obviously knowledgeable, but his style is very original: humorous but not aggressive, calm but still dynamic, discusses leadership from different and somehow new perspective and able to keep the audience fully with him.

If you have a need for someone to tell you leadership/management story from different perspective Milan is for sure more than good choice and my warm recommendation.




Ivica Vrančić, Chartered FCIPD

As one of the leading business training and coaching companies in Slovenia, we had the privilege to work with dr. Milan Hosta from Body&Mind Institute at various levels. After delivering a workshop to our staff and bringing obvious quality to our team, Dr. Hosta was invited as an expert facilitator of the team-building workshop to our customer and got excellent feedback. As a highly qualified expert in stress management and coaching, he brings new perspectives and can tackle the issue from philosophical to the very practical embodied point of view. My warmest recommendation.

Branko Žunec, CEO

BMC International

If one understands at least a tiny part of the laws of epigenetics, a knowledge that many experts who have dogmatically embraced Darwin have for decades not allowed it to become a science,  knows that Milan's sessions are certainly one of those triggers that will direct the gene's response in the favour of good health. I have never yet heard of a coaching approach that would more holistically capture the whole essence of a person.

Mojca, client

I am Justi, 49 years old and have been coached by Milan for the third year. I am a little special I am not 50 kg, I am not fit, I smoke, I have had a heart attack already…. In short, I'm not exactly an exemplary citizen who looks after oneself. However, I try hard all the time, so I have been attending countless exercises of one kind or another, but I have not been able to stay long anywhere. Exercise did not attract me. Milan's coaching, however, I cannot resist because it makes me feel light, full of energy, and also easier to cope with all the stress for the rest of the day.

I began to look after myself and put myself in the first place, which I had never done before. Everyone else was always my priority, but I was running out of power and energy…
But now, for example, the third spring I am free of pollen allergy, which I have had serious problems with in previous years.
Even in his meditations, it took me quite a while to "fall in", but he managed to get under my skin.
Coaching regularly with Milan is something of the best, full of new information, knowledge, energy, joy, happiness. Now I'm not as stressful as I used to be, now I can deal with it. 

Justi, client

I do coaching with Milan for the third season. During this time, I gained a great deal on self-esteem, breathing awareness, and meditation. I can stop and listen. I know when my body tells me that it is enough and how to calm it through breathing. All this and more was given to me in.  I guess I missed the session only twice or three times because these are the days reserved for me. He can motivate us and fine-tune the content to be more physical or more mental, but always on spot.

Barbara, client 

I enjoyed how you challenged us to think, feel and act in a playful way. It sounds so simple. Finally someone with a down-to-earth interpretation of science.

Loved the games we played.

Maja, teacher

In my 15 years of service, I have attended many training courses, but I have never attended such a good, full of life-giving wisdom workshop. In addition, I had the opportunity to exercise. I would really recommend it to anyone who wants to forget about everyday problems for a few hours and see and hear about ways to look at the world with a "light touch." The lecture was also very relaxing, with a pleasant atmosphere and positive energy between the lecturer and the participants.

Sabina, teacher

It quickly became clear that I was doing something really good for myself, learning to breathe properly, learning how to calm myself with breathing, getting lots of good advice, .... I feel much better with more energy. Last time I noticed that I had not used ventolin for a very long time (I have asthma). Just in case, I carry it with me.
Milan has one super power. It calms us all down, the "stories" that guide us into meditation are very interesting.



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